1. Who is this website for?

Teachers, parents and other student guardians who wish to monitor their student's progress.

2. How does Intergalactic Education plan to serve the community?

Intergalactic Education plans to make it easier for parents and teachers to teach their students Math, Science and Scripture.

3. How does Intergalactic Education plan to invest in the space economy?

Intergalactic Educations plans to collaborate with other aerospace and engineering companies.

4. What platforms can I play games from Intergalactic Education on?

Our games can be played from most desktop web browsers, Android and Apple devices.

5. Where can I purchase games on the website?

At the top of your page, hover your mouse over "Store" and you'll see a dropdown of all available minigames. Clicking any of the games from the dropdown will add them to your cart where you can make your purchase.

6. What game engine was used to create these games?

We used the Unity game engine to create all our games.

7. Can I make videos or streams from Intergalactic Education?


8. If I buy an account on one platform, can I use it for another?

Yes, all accounts bought can be used on any platform.

9. If I purchase a report on one account, can I use it for other accounts?

No, reports only apply to the account it was purchased for.

10. Where can I view the privacy policy?

You can look at our privacy policy here : https://www.intergalacticeducation.com/PrivacyPolicy.html

11. How can I partner with Intergalactic Education?

Scroll down on our home or about page to Partner Inquiry.

12. How can I apply for a position at Intergalactic Education?

At the top of your screen hover your mouse over "About" and click on Careers to see all available positions.

13. What is the best way to contact Intergalactic Education ?

Scroll down to the footer at the bottom of the page and click "Contact".

14. I made a purchase, but my internet crashed. Where are my licenses?

Hover over "Account" at the top of your page and click "Assign Licenses" to assign the licenses you purchased to existing or new accounts.

15. Where are my class details?

Hover over "Account" and click class. You can get a report of your class here.

16. Where can I view the details for a specific child?

Hover over "Account" and click class. You can find the details to a particular child or student here.

17. How can I get updates from Intergalactic Education?

Subscribing to our newsletter will give updates on new and exciting things we're happy to share. Hover over "News" at the top and click newsletter where you can subscribe to get emails for future newsletters.

18. Can I use the same account for multiple games?

Yes, but individual rocket reports will need to be purchased for each game for each account.

19. Are these games free?

Yes, students can play all games for free but a rocket report license must be purchased in order to see progress.

20. How can I try out the game for free?

Just log in as guest.

21. Can I get a refund?

The games are available to play for free so you have a chance to try it before deciding to purchase a license. Refund requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine the validity of the refund request reason.

22. Can I change the email associated with my account?

Website users only have one opportunity to choose their email.

23. Can I change the username I use to log in?

Students only have one opportunity to choose a new player name. Once a name is chosen, it is permanently attached to that player.

24. Can I advertise on your website?

If you are interested in promotional opportunities, please use our Partners section to get in touch with us.