5 Online Games for YOUR classroom

As our classrooms transition to virtual models of education, it becomes tougher to engage students. We’re scrambling to create the meaningful trust and relationships with them that are critical for learning from behind a screen.

One way to engage with students is to use serious online games built to promote learning. These positive distractions meet students where they're at instead of fighting for their attention. Students have so much fun playing the game that they don't notice themselves learning.

We've developed a list of 5 serious online game companies that have developed apps you can use in your classrooms to engage students, develop relationships with them, and advance your curriculum!

1. Intergalactic Education

Our STEM video games engage and motivate students with their expertly crafted animation and levels of gameplay. The grading system makes it easy for teachers to keep track of student progress. Games and score reports are free.

2. Legends of Learning

Legends of Learning features over 2000 fun, curriculum aligned, math and science games. Their resources are versatile enough to be used in different learning models in the classroom and outside. Teacher accounts are free and give you unlimited access to games.

3. BrainPop

BrainPop has content and quizzes in STEM, SEL, Arts and English. Their website has a new topic everyday to keep your student engaged. Monthly and annual subscriptions available at the school level.

4. WebMathMinute

WebMathMinute gives your students a one minute online quiz that tests their math skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division! The site is run by Mark Goodall, whose mission is Helping children strengthen their basic foundation in math.

5. Math PlayGround

MathPlayground has a variety of free online math games for K-6 math education, in addition to other games for other subjects and skills like Geography and Spelling. Subscribing members receive an ad free experience, monthly content, and the ability of create and manage classrooms.