Gamify Your Lesson: Equation of a Line

Teaching a student the equation of a line can be difficult and all the more so with virtual education. But don't worry! Use these three games to gamify your lesson plan to teach the equation of a line! All three games align with educational standards.

Brain Pop has you covered with a comprehensive lesson plan that walks you through using their game to teach the equation of a line. Their game is rich in its ability to allow students to explore how changes to the equation affect the graph of the line.

Use Intergalactic Education's Rates of Change to test student mastery. Expertly crafted animations and a faster moving game keep students engaged. Students need to work out the correct answers in the appropriate period of time to level up. Failure to do so results in amusing explosions and crashes that give students a safe place to fail. As students succeed, they are rewarded with more difficult levels of gameplay.

Use Math-Play's basketball game to test your students in a different way. With a basketball theme to engage students, an interactive free throw component to the game, and questions assessing parallelism and perpendicularity, this game will allow you to round out a test of student knowledge.