Intergalactic Education STEM e learning game

  • Intergalactic Education introduces Intergalactic Rates of Change, a mini-game that teaches linear rate of change through a series of mathematical questions. Answering correctly brings users closer to launching a rocket in space. Rates of change uses Common Core aligned mathematics. (Follows Common Core Standard CCSS.MATH.8.F.B.4) Now these basic operations can be used to guide rockets into space and accelerate the space race. Try Intergalactic Rates of Change! Assess proficiency in rates of change according to educational standards. Rewarding levels of gameplay maintain engagement. You will forget you were doing math as you launch rockets into space! You may optionally buy reports analyzing questions missed on rates of change. Teachers and parents may find this optional feature particularly useful.


  • Intergalactic Rates of Change

  • $2.99